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Name: Paola di Paolo
So sorry to read of Molly's passing. Your work to find her, her life and your video are very inspiring. I found out about my uncle who was institutionalized in 1939 and buried in an institutional cemetery with his grave marked only by a number. We have been able to put a personal marker on his grave and have helped others find their family members at this cemetery. So sorry for your loss, and so moved by your connection to your sister.
Name: Deutsch
Name: Lee Anne
I am so sorry for the loss of your sister but so happy that you were able to have that precious time with her which you will always cherish. My husband was placed in an institution here in Ontario in 1964 just for the crime of being blind, he will always have memories of that horrible place which he still tries to work through. Thank you for bringing to light such a wonderful story that everyone should hear.
Name: Debbie
I was a caregiver at Washington Ct. many years ago while Molly was living there. I am saddened to have just found out that she has passed. I cared about her so very much. She was a delight and a joy to be around. She will truly be missed by many who loved and cared for her. She touched many hearts. I am so happy that her brother found her and was able to be a part of her life. It's nice that they were able to finally share their lives and love for each other after the many years of separation. God bless her and her family. Rest in peace Molly angel.
Name: Dr. Larwood
I am saddened by Molly\\\'s passing. I am a Professor of Special Education at San Jose State University. I purchased and commented in your beautiful and important film about Molly, you and the journey through \\\"the system\\\" and how children with differences were ( and some still are) treated. Your film transformed hundreds of new teachers\\\' lives as they learned about the plight of an individual with a disability endured and also truly grasped how important it is to understand families as well. I have had your film since it first was released. If I do the math, I can confidently say that just with my job alone, over one thousand teachers viewed it. Each time I showed the film, it opened up teachers\\\' hearts and minds and most of all, brought compassion forth in their daily lives. I send my sympathy to you, Jeff and Cindy and families. I will continue to share your story each semester. With much appreciation and sadness, Dr. Lou Larwood, Professor.
Name: Jim Ritchie
Dear Tim;Please accept my late condolences for your loss. Jim Ritchie
Name: carlmiley
i would like to offer my condilences for your loss and my congratulations for both of your successes in uniting yours and other families and her rewards inheaven where she is now.
Name: Lorna Segall
Hello - My name is Lorna and I'm a graduate teaching assistant and doctoral student at Florida State University. My professor shared your documentary with me and I, in turn, shared it with my class. I am deeply grateful to your family for sharing your story. It was beautifully told. Again, thank you so very much.
Name: Carol Stromsness Cattrall
Jeff, Cindy, and Family, I am saddened to read of Molly\\\'s passing. I am so thankful for your hard work and dedication in finding her, and then helping so many others through your film and legislation. I hope that those few years of happy memories that you had together help you through the difficult days. Peace be with you.
Name: Liz and Jim Davis
Dear Jeff and Cindy, It was with great sadness that we read about Molly's passing. We are truly sorry that Molly will not ride in the clown car but happy she is surely united with the clown who loved her. You two were her angels here on earth and now she will be watching over you. We cannot help but think of the added meaning and significance you brought to her life in making these last ten years her best ever. God bless you, Liz and Jim
Name: Darla Rush
Jeff and Cindy~My thoughts and prayers are with you during you time of loss. I know how much Molly ment to you both and how much you meant to her, just by the stories you have shared. Take Care.
Name: Barb Gaffney
Jeff and Cindy, Jim, Karen and I were very saddened to learn of Molly\\\'s death. I wish there were words to ease the pain I know you both feel. Please know that we think of you often and have so much respect for the journey you traveled to bring Molly home. All our best, Jim, Barb and Karen Gaffney
Name: Muriel Knutinen-Olsen
Jeff & family, my deepest sympathy goes out to you at this sad time. I've followed your story from the beginning and you have so much so be proud of. Thank you for sharing!
Name: Kristin
Jeff and Cindy-my deepest condolences go out to you and your family during this painful time. Molly and your family's story set the scene for many other Oregonians to fill the holes in their lives left by absent family members. Molly's legacy lives on in each life that her's has directly and indirectly touched.
Name: Kathy b
I am so sorry that molly has pass a way it was good to see her when I did and I am happy you got to have her in your life for 10years good bless you god wanted a angel and he got a pretty angel and she will always be an angel god bless you
Name: Alice R. Hogan
Tears streamed down my face when I read your story. My aunt was put in Pennhurt back in the late 60's and 70's, as i grew up I knew she was out there when I could find no death records on her and my grandmother, dad and two uncles had passed,i knew I had to find her, I did so back in April 2011 I fund her in an organization called SPIN in Philadelphia for over 20 plus years they thought she had no family, and I am actually named after her. She like your sister I believe was made worst by putting her in Pennhurst which was shut down by the state. I see her, she does not speak but smiles whenever I go. I am so glad I found her and feel a I know have a complete chapter knowing I found her. She is doing well with SPIN
Name: Mick North
I was saddened to hear that your beloved sister has died. At least you were able to have 10 years with her and try to put right the great wrong that was done to her. Thanks to you she was able to have a normal family life with everything that goes with it. I'm truly sorry about what happened to Molly Daly. God rest her soul and may perpetual light shine upon her. I for one will never forget her.
Name: David Espinosa
Very touching and loving story of a brother's quest to find his sister. She is at peace, now watching her brother from above. Beautiful story. May her rest in the heavens...
Name: David
Her smile and joy was so contagious, and you brought that out of her with the love you gave.
Name: Martha
Another Angel has made it to heaven.
Name: Robin
Samantha (our Granddaughter) wanted me to make sure to tell you how sad she was for your loss, and to let you know what a lasting impression Molly has made on her life.  I'm sure Samantha is just one of hundreds that Molly touched so deeply.
Name: Joni
Molly was fortunate to have you both. You were able to provide a gift of inestimable value to your sister, perhaps one that only a brother could offer.
Name: Laura
Jeff, just tonight I came across the story of you and Molly after reading a news article about her passing. I watched your segment on CBS news and was in tears nearly the entire time. You and your wife are absolutely amazing people and I'm truly sorry for your loss. I'm so glad you were able to spend these past 10 years with your beloved sister, and she with you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Bless you and be proud for being such a wonderful older brother.
Name: dave
Rip Ms Molly. I am sorry to hear about your passing
Name: Ashley
I am so very sorry for the loss of your darling sister.
Name: Helen
I am almost 100% sure my step mom worked with Molly when she worked out at Fairview as did my sister. If she is the same Molly, I am sad to hear of her passing. My condolences to your family. Growing up with family that worked out at Fairview made it easier when my daughter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I was not stressed and knew I could handle anything that happened. Back when Molly was born we would have been encouraged to send her there too.
Name: Summer Wogoman
I loved your story and the attention it gave the rest of the developmentally disabled people and programs across the country. People don't think about the hardships the families face. I am so very glad for your family that all has worked out well. Keep sharing your story.
Name: Jessie Ersing
This is one of the most inspiring and well made movies I have ever seen. I was impressed and moved by every second. I have shared it with a number of people that feel the same way. Thank you so much for sharing your story!
Name: Regi Reynolds
I watched this documentary in my Special Education class at Florida State University and words cannot justly describe the brilliance of this documentary. My heart has always been in equal rights especially for those individuals with disabilities and this film truly enlightened me. It is inspiring, eye-opening, and all in all, a beautifully crafted film. Thank you so much for sharing your story and please continue to spread the word as you are. I can tell you now, I will be doing the same! Once again, thank you.
Name: jacob eby
love the movie and i miss molly
Name: Cathy
I was just made aware of and watched your film. I am a Case Worker with our local board of Developmental Disabilities and was more than touched by your film. Thank you for never giving up and showing your sister the TRUE meaning of family! You and Molly are an inspiration!